The Wine of Enchantment

Copyright 2016 Eric Roger Silva

Living in New Mexico, I have always wanted to do something for my state, I knew how I wanted it done but wasn’t sure how to do it. Once I started painting my wine paintings, I knew it was time. I did the splash into all things New Mexico, from the hot air balloon fiesta, to the UFO of Roswell, the Yucca as the state flower, and the roadrunner as the state bird. I threw in the Sandia mountains which you would see if you happen to come to Albuquerque, they look blue from a distance but turn to a watermelon color during the sunset. Of course the state flag is Yellow and Red so I used different variations of the colors to complete the project. This piece won the Popular Award from the 2016 State Fair.

Copyright 2016 Eric Roger Silva

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