A Night with MamaA Night With Mama






Love IsLove Is…







Amor EsAmor Es…







My Mother the GuardianMy Mother the Guardian







My Father the Hero     My Father the Hero







Copyright 2017 Eric Roger Silva.    A Taste of the Great Outdoors







Living the American Dream     Living the American Dream







Copyright 2016 Eric Roger SilvaThe Wine of Enchantment











Appreciation of FreedomAppreciation of Freedom







Beauty in WineBeauty in the Wine







One Little KissOne Little Kiss







First MiracleThe First Miracle







He Has RisenHe Has Risen







Partner to Dance WithPartner To Dance With







Beauty Blooms from WithinBeauty Blooms from Within







Yearing for Your EmbraceYearing for Your Embrace






Water is LifeWater is Life






Soul DivineSoul Divine







Scent of a MemoryScent of a Memory







Bee-You-Too-FullBee You Too Full







WIne BallerinaWine Ballerina







IMG_0386IntertWINEd Souls

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