Have A Glass With Me

Have a Glass With Me

My mother liked the idea of my and my wine paintings. I created this one because I liked the challenge of the transparency and the reflections at the same time. I wanted to see how far I could push the realism with acrylic paints, as I painted, I thought to myself that there was no difference between this painting and a photograph, thats when the Ideas for all my other paintings started coming in. I personally enjoy this painting for the challenge of the differences in glass and the matte colored finish of the foil on the top of the wine bottle, the shine of the wine opener and the transparency of the glass and wine. Also that this painting led to much bigger things, like ideas of new paintings and it got me into the busiest winery in New Mexico, St Clairs Winery. The bottle is based off St Clairs Mimbres Red which is my favorite wine.

Copyright 2016 Eric Roger Silva


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