Gift Cards

I am now selling and accepting Gift Cards. They are sold thru Square so when you click the link, it will take you to my Square website. I use Square for my credit card transactions since it is safe and secure. You can use those gift cards here on or in person when you meet up with me. Click the link and you can buy a gift card for a loved one and it will send them an email. Also for the Holidays, you get 20% off any gift card you purchase from $10 to $100. So buy a $10 gift card for $8! the more you buy, the more you save!!!

New Art

I have created 3 new pieces lately and wanted to show them off to you all. 2 pieces are in the State Fair and you can find them in the Hispanic Art building. If they don’t happen to sell there, I will be making prints after. I will send an update to let you know when they will be available. However, I do have one painting available and prints are going to be coming soon so Im taking PreOrders on prints now. Professional photos coming soon, just wanted to show you all what I have created. Let me know your thoughts on which one you like the best.

Copyright 2018 Eric Roger Silva

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